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USC Consulting Group’s mining and minerals division consist of a team of highly skilled professionals with a global focus to identify and deliver operational improvements. 

To celebrate their 50 years, they underwent a re-branding initiative.

The objective of this promotion was to introduce the new logo and to reinforce brand recognition. Our vehicle was high visibility safety apparel that kept the team safe and protected them from various environmental conditions.


The USC Group were looking for a Canadian company for their safety workwear. 


We introduced them to a Canadian company with over 75-year history providing high visibility workwear to the mining, oil and gas industry.   


Our Canadian supplier not only met all the compliances but also provided high vis workwear that kept the team warm and dry. From the 4-In-1 ripstop systems jacket for minus 40 degree temperature in open pit mines, to the poly/cotton coveralls or “diggers” that provided high visibility, comfort and breathability in the grueling 110 plus degree temperatures underground.



New Logo Sew Out.JPG



USC team members were enabled to do their jobs effectively in the mines because they were warm/cool, dry, comfortable and felt safe in their high vis apparel.  


Visitors at the mines easily recognized them as a team because of their branding and uniformity, which enabled them to confidently address any of the members with their concerns. USC clients value their work and the branded high visibility apparel supported their professional approach.


This resulted in USC retaining continued relationship with their clients.

IICON was recognized for our work with USC Group and received the PPPC (Promotional Products Professional of Canada) Silver Image Award.


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